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Key to children's joy

Doll house «Helen» for dolls up to 16 cm high.


Four-storey house that is waiting for its inhabitants! Each of its floors will be a cozy and hospitable puppet world. Through the windows and arches of the house, sunlight penetrates its inhabitants. From the top floor a great view! Elegant lines of arches and patterned windows, beautiful combinations of colors and comfortable sizes — all this is a doll house «Helen»!

This house deservedly attracts a lot of children! Playing with it will get amazing emotions, both children and their parents. The magical world in the children’s room is undoubtedly better than any gadget – it will give children the opportunity to build a fairy tale, touch its heroes, come up with roles and immerse themselves in fairy-tale images.

The design of the house and furniture allows you to quickly and easily assemble without using additional tools. The house can be used in the children’s room, and take with you, for example, to the country — because it can be disassembled!

The house is Packed in a bright, convenient box with color printing. The box has a plastic handle for transportation.


House is made of plastic.
— lightness (affects usage: easy to move around the house, it may be hanged on a wall for space saving);
— flexibility (user-friendly assembly).
— bright colors (no need to paint compared to plywood houses).
Distinctive design makes it possible to assemble the product without any additional fittings (handy latches)

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