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Why is it advantageous for you to work with us?

Your range becomes different and starts driving extra consumers flow. You get new possibilities to satisfy the demand of all the customers.

When the companies sell identical goods a customer starts searching for something new. Novelties always attract people’s attention and enlarge the number of first time clients.

Your sales grow up since you draw first time customers who purchase your standard products as well.

New items make higher profit selling the goods to all the groups of customers.

We give you a fair price. Our prices are better than any manufacturer of this product in the world can offer you.

Smart flat packing and fast delivery is the cornerstone of your successful business development. Our company is located in the center of Russia on the junction of Europe and Asia. Such a convenient geographic location allows us to deliver the goods in a very short time.


Why do the companies work with us? Because we are…

The only company with a large range of goods made of such material.

One of the biggest plastic stationery manufacturers in Russia.
20 years of positive experience in making high quality goods.

Ready to offer our clients comfortable terms of cooperation, promotional goods as well as discount programs, good prices and payment grace period for wholesalers

Being a company with a big experience of manufacture, we do know how to deduce the costs in order to give you the best price.