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Cutting board 1о

Cutting board

Easy and convenient. Easy to clean

Does not require special storage conditions

There will be no stains left on the board

The board does not retain odors

The board does not absorb moisture from the products

Easy to care for at the board —  just rinse under running water

You can use detergents


House is made of foamedPP material (polypropylene foam) — light porous plastic.
— lightness (affects usage);
— flexibility.
— bright colors (no need to paint).

* We can make this product in non-standard colors according to your order.

Product name:Cutting board
Trade mark:KRASATOYS
Colorsred, blue, white, orange, green, black
Product size L / W / H (mm):
Product G.W. (kg):
Product N.W. (kg):
Individual packing:
Transport packing:box of the corrugated. multiplicity - pieces
Transport packing size L / W / H (mm):
Total transport packing G.W. (kg):
Country of origin:Russia
Additional information:

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