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Lever arch file with elastic band 75 mm A4 article 000203 purple metallic

Lever arch file 75 mm A4 with elastic band

Made from a matte single-color material with a metallic effect

The product will tactfully and unobtrusively fit into the desktop space

The products are made of plastic

Durable material with water-repellent properties.This material is softer and lighter than conventional plastic.

Improved technology for the production of plastic material allows the usual color to turn into a spectacular metallic.

The textured surface of the folders is pleasant to the touch and feels more like textiles.

Our folders are aesthetic and durable. they do not need a metal edging on the corners. therefore, they do not scratch the surface of the table.

Indisputable advantage — on their surface, little scratches are practically not visible

  • It is possible to manufacture in other serial (graphite, white, blue, red, green, yellow) colors, as well as non-serial colors according to your order. The product is customized for personalization. Silkscreen, embossing — your brand symbolism can be applied by any of these methods.

Product name:lever arch file with elastic band 75 mm A4
Trade mark:KRASATOYS
Color:purple metallic
Product size L / W / H (mm):295 x 315 x 70
Product G.W. (kg):
Product N.W. (kg): 0.380
Individual packing:
Transport packing:box of the corrugated. multiplicity - pieces
Transport packing size L / W / H (mm):
Total transport packing G.W. (kg):
Country of origin:Russia
Additional information:there is an outer pocket

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