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Key to children's joy

Stand for business cards and phones «Emoticon» graphite/red art. 000052 for logo application

Need gifts for customers or partners?

These cute stands for business cards and phones with emoticons – the perfect souvenir, looking at which your customers and partners will always remember about your company with a kind smile!



«Emoticons» can be of the same color, or consist of parts of different colors. Color combinations can be any. Serial colors: graphite, white, blue, red, green, yellow


The product has a modular design which is convenient for the application of the logo. Silkscreen, embossing — your brand symbolism can be applied by any of these methods.



We are ready to make Souvenirs taking into account all your wishes!

Product name:Stand for business cards and phones «Emoticon»
Trade mark:
Color:graphite / red
Product size L / W / H (mm):79 x 89 x 67
material thickness (mm)2,0
number of sections1
Product G.W. (kg):
Product N.W. (kg):0,020
Individual packing:no
Transport packing:box of the corrugated. multiplicity - 50 pieces
Transport packing size L / W / H (mm):
Total transport packing G.W. (kg):
Country of origin:Russia
By your order it is possible:1. manufacture in other serial (graphite, white, blue, red, green, yellow), as well as non-serial colors
2. The product is customized for personalization. Silkscreen, embossing — your brand symbolism can be applied by any of these methods.
3. ОЕМ / ODM manufacturing

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